BRAND - VYCOZ - screwless eyewear

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    VYCOZ origins itself from the expression, ‘by KOREA’
    VYCOZ creates functional eyewear in an independent way.
    It is a brand that is faithful to its essence and pursues reasonable fundamental values.
    The material has been proven to be stable and durable.
    The ideal fit that comes from the patented hinge.
    A concise and natural silhouette that provides beauty with purity.
    It provides a modern frame that combines professional engineering and craftsmanship.


    We pursue “SCREWLESS DESIGN” in a practical way.
    Our pursuit is not just expression of our dream, we are doing our best to achieve this ultimate goal.
    As we value “LIGHTNESS” and “BALANCE” as well, this first goal could be materialized with a completion of
    “SCREWLESS DESIGN” which is the most essential and indispensable value we pursue.
    And also, it represents another will of VYCOZ to fundamentally prevent any nickel in the process of making screws.

    The start of an extraordinary journey of the “SCREWLESS DESIGN” was a struggle with the vulnerability of the hinge parts.
    Without screws in hinge parts, the first mission was minimizing the stress of the hinge.
    For this, reducing of the frame weight is the most realizable solution.

    The usage of lighter material reduces the overall weight of the eyewear.
    Even if you wear any light eyewear, the weight balance is essential in glasses.
    Otherwise glasses would fall off and be uncomfortable to wear.
    VYCOZ provides the best know-how in well-balanced eyewear design.

    48 HOURS
    VYCOZ succeeded to get reliability and stability by offering all customer service even globally
    within 48 hours excluding delivery time. This strategy of VYCOZ is manufacturing all collections at the early stage of design,
    considering the customer service to maximizes the trust of VYCOZ's customers and meet the satisfaction with our brand.

    The design of VYCOZ eyewear has always been remarkably creative with technology and function while pursuing novelty.
    An automobile, textile and eyewear designer teamed up to create an experimental design.
    And the CEO Mr. Jeong of optometris, a mechanical engineer, directed the hinge function and structual design.
    Through these initial processes, our design has completed.


    We, VYCOZ, supplies products to opticians in 16 countries of Europe, Asia, and America through official agents.
    In order to target new overseas market, the essential certifications or registrations such as FDA,
    CE-MDR and NMPA were obtained through medical class 1 testing,
    and the product liability (PL) worldwide insurance not only for the domestic users but also for global users was insured to
    protect the rights and safety of the consumers. We are trying our best to protect them at the forefront.
    VYCOZ will make ceaseless efforts to enter more overseas markets and promise to establish
    itself as Korea's representative eyewear brand by entering markets in more than 50 countries around the world.


    In 2013, Mr.Jeong started the eyewear brand in order to answer the question
    “Why is there no screwless eyewear brand in Korea?”
    It’s been 10 years since the launch of VYCOZ and we greet the new year, 2023.
    We would like to express our gratitude to the opticians and consumers in 16 countries who have cooperated with us so far. 

    The brand launch started in the small studio of my brother, a photographer and we were able to compelete and
    launch our first product in two years of the sophiscated research and trial.
    At the beginning, the cooperation with my partner Mr. Kim became the foundation stone in starting the brand.

    SINCE 2013

    Started the eyewear design without screw

    Launch the brand ‘VYCOZ’
    1st collection INCLINE
    2nd collection MCLIP

    Start international business
    3rd collection ORIGINAL SUN
    4th collection INCLINE M

    5th collection HOOK
    6th collection INCLINE T

    Build the 2nd Factory in Seoul
    7th collection DURRA
    8th collection INCLINE C

    Changed the company name “JEONG’S OPTICAL”
    9th collection WIRE
    10th collection MAX WIRE
    11th collection ECO WIRE

    12th collection GENTLE KIDS
    13th collection MAX KIDS

    14th collection MAXWIRE
    15th collection INCLINE X

    Bulid the office(all-in-one : Factory & Cargo & Office)    
    15th collection INCLINE A
    16th collection ACETE SUN

    Registered the trademark in 36 countries
    Exceed 15 overseas business countries